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Step 1

 Please check the following requirements are met before continuing...
Please note: PHP Session Support may appear disabled if your browser does not support cookies.
PHP Version > 5.2.1 Yes PHP Session Support Disabled
Server DefaultCharset iso-8859-1 PHP Safe Mode Disabled

Please note: Yor webserver is configured to deliver iso-8859-1 charset only.
To display national special characters (e.g.: ä á) in clear manner, switch off this preset please(or let it do by your hosting provider).
In any case you can choose iso-8859-1 in the settings of WebsiteBaker.
But this solution does not guarranty a correct displaying of the content from all modules!

Step 2

 Please check the following files/folders are writeable before continuing...
\cms/config.php.new Please rename
\cms/pages/ Writeable \cms/media/ Writeable \cms/templates/ Writeable
\cms/modules/ Writeable \cms/languages/ Writeable \cms/temp/ Writeable    

Step 3

 Please check URL settings, and select a default timezone and a default backend language...
Absolute URL:
Default Timezone:
Default Language:

Step 4

 Please specify your operating system information below...
  Server Operating System: Linux/Unix based

Step 5

 Please enter your MySQL database server details below...
Host Name
Database Name ([a-zA-Z0-9_-])
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(Please note: May remove existing tables and data)

Step 6

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Step 7

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WebsiteBaker is released under the GNU General Public License
By clicking install, you are accepting the license.

WebsiteBaker is released under the GNU General Public License